The Lundy Family History

At age 14, Maurice Lundy left his home in Sligo, Ireland as a stowaway on a ship bound for the United States. When the ship finally landed in Maine, the Captain sold Lundy to a local lumber contractor for indentureship.  After working off his time in Maine in service to his “owner”, Maurice began walking. He ended up in Williamsport.

At this time, the lumber industry was booming in Williamsport. These were the days of the Williamsport Millionaire’s. Maurice took a job with the Susquehanna Boom Company and worked his way to superintendent and later an independent rafting contractor delivering logs to various mills along the Susquehanna river. Things began to look bright for the former Irish stowaway.

During this time, Maurice Lundy also served as Deputy US Marshall for the district and spent six years on the Williamsport City Council. In 1870, his son Frank B. Lundy was born.

After an industrious childhood, Frank B. Lundy worked for the Williamsport Planning Mill until 1922 when he and his son, Richard H. Lundy, started the Lundy Lumber Company. They were soon joined by John W. Lundy in 1927.

Then, in 1933 Richard and John Lundy partnered with E.M. “Dick” Jonas to form Lundy Construction Company which still operates today as Williamsport’s oldest and most prolific building contractor.

When Carl E. Stotz conceived the idea in 1938 of creating a uniformed baseball league for boys now known as “Little League”, Lundy Lumber was the first sponsor and Lundy Construction continues this longstanding role as a sponsor of the promising youth league. This is merely but one example of the role Lundy Construction has played in community development and shows our dedication to family.

We are proud of the part we have played in building the Williamsport and North Central Pennsylvania areas.