Save Time. Save Money.

At Lundy, we are specialists in creative building. We have been Butler Builders since 1958 in order to bring to our clients the advantages of systems construction, earlier occupancy and substantial cost savings. Lundy offers single-source responsibility over every phase of the project. This involves a task force  staff to provide consultation and action from site selection to landscaping. There’s a Butler® structural system for almost every type of construction. You decide what you want and what you need. A family of building systems (Widespan, Landmark) can provide an almost unlimited number of design possibilities.

We Have the Means

As a Butler® Builder, Lundy Construction can provide our clients with the finest, most accepted steel buildings in the industry, and the advantages with pre-engineered metal buildings, of earlier occupancy and overall cost-savings.

A 100,000 square foot warehouse was completed in 16 weeks, a 10,000 square foot building was constructed in only 8 weeks – something that only a competent construction firm and the nation’s largest building system manufacturer can do.

We Have the Capability

Lundy Construction has the capability to adapt standard Butler Building components to meet your specific needs. When large, unusual, or complex buildings are required (such as buildings with heavy cranes, demanding process conditions, field houses or automated warehouses) the Lundy-Butler Team can provide a professional custom service.

You Have the Savings

The Lundy-Butler team will design and engineer a building to your exact criteria and still offer you all the cost-saving advantages associated with metal building systems.